Sunday, November 7, 2010

CAMBA Trails Receive IMBA Epic Designation

In an announcement Thursday from the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), the CAMBA trails have received a prestigious IMBA Epic Trail designation. The IMBA Epic singles out the premier trails and rides around the country. CAMBA has been pursuing this elite status for its trails for many years. The CAMBA Epic is only one of six Epics announced this year and joins an elite group of similar designations over the past 10 years.

"This is a great thing for the CAMBA trails in general and especially for the specific trails receiving this recognition," says CAMBA executive director Ron Bergin. "This is indeed a feather in our cap, and something we can use to further promote the excellent trails of the Chequamegon Area."

The CAMBA IMBA Epic trail is actually a compilation of trails in the Namakagon Cluster. It combines the Rock Lake, Namakagon and Patsy Lake trails. With the exception of a couple short segments of linking double-track, it is otherwise entirely singletrack. The total route is approximately 31 miles.

Information about the selection of the CAMBA trails as an IMBA Epic is posted on the IMBA website and will also be published in the IMBA newsletter. To view the IMBA announcement about this year's class of Epic rides, go to:

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  1. Congratulations! And thanks to all involved in the making of these great trails.
    Perhaps the Namakagon Cluster will have to be re-named the Namakagon Epic Cluster.

    Just think, when the new un-named trail connects Hatchery Creek-Makwa-(New trail)-Ojibwe, IMBA will have to dish out another Epic!
    Keep it going CAMBA.


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