Friday, September 25, 2009

Patsy Lake Singletrack Progresses

A new section of single track is now open for riding from N 15 to FR 203. This trail is easy riding and designed to be very scenic. Here pictured are Stan Walczak and Chuck Wolske working on the trail. CAMBA work day, October 10, will extend this trail to N 17.

John Leighton

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Satisfied Customers

I want to express how delighted I am at the new CAMBA singletrack trails. The whole system is incredible, but the new trails from Hayward to County OO are superb and I plan to introduce anyone I can convince to get on a mountain bike to ride with us on these trails. So far, those we have brought along with us are equally as impressed and it’s now a challenge to get them to ride on anything but single track!

We live in Champlin, Minnesota (a NW suburb of Minneapolis) and have a cabin ~1.5 miles from the County OO trailhead. It’s so exciting to have these easily accessible trails that go on for miles and give us lots of options to ride, hike, or snowshoe.

We are very active members of Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club and are introducing our friends and fellow club members to mountain biking in the Twin Cities as well as on the CAMBA trails.

Thank you so much for these trails, not only is it impressive how fun they are, but how quickly they were put in place. I’m also thankful that there are varying levels of difficulty so that we can introduce new or more cautious riders as well as show our more aggressive friends these beautiful trails!

Jodi & Scott Stammer

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patsy Lake Bridge

Many thanks to Dave Wiltrout for underpinning the Patsy Lake Bridge. We will get several more years of service from it.
The original bridge had been in service since the very beginning of the CAMBA trail system in 1993. After all those years of use and at least once incident of an ATV riding one-wheel on the bridge, one below, the bridge had taken on the look of an old sway back farm horse. Dave Wiltrout, a retired veterinarian, is one of several volunteers who have been helping build new singletrack in the Namakagon Cluster this summer. Our other ace volunteers, John Leighton and Stan Waczack, have made some other needed improvements to the approach and exit from the bridge, removing several large roots, which intimidated some and could easily trip up less experienced riders.

[caption id="attachment_68" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Dave Wiltrout on the Patsy Lake Bridge."]Dave Wiltrout on the Patsy Lake Bridge.[/caption]

Friday, September 11, 2009


The Makwa Trail from Mosquito Brook to the Birkie Cabin at Hwy OO is finished. We tamped the golden shovel of dirt at the foot of the picnic table hill on Thursday, Sept 3. What seemed an optimistic dream four years ago is now a reality. You can now traverse the woods on bike or on foot via 21 miles of sweet single track between Hatchery Creek Park in Hayward and OO. Through the fall there will be some volunteer work tweaking the details on this summer's 7.8 new miles of Makwa from Gravel Pit to 00. But the trail is all open and ready to ride. Volunteer opportunities will be on Monday evenings at 00 at 5:30, weather permitting.

Thank you, one and all, who helped on this epic CAMBA project. We employed 32 people during the four summers. The volunteer hours numbered in the thousands. (Which means we lost count, but we're sure there were at least that many.) The project was funded entirely by CAMBA through grants and contributions from enlightened business owners, wise governmental bodies, interested groups and organizations, cycling enthusiasts and generous CAMBA members. (If I am leaving anyone out, my apologies and Thank You.) Contributions are still needed, both to replenish the CAMBA coffers for this trail and to fund more trails in the planning stages. Send your dollars to CAMBA, P.O. Box 141, Cable, Wi. 54821.

Access the Makwa at the Birkie rest cabin at OO 3 miles east of Seeley, at Gravel Pit Rd. east of Hayward (100 yards south of the Birkie Trail/Gravel Pit Rd. crossing), and at the Birkie parking lot at Mosquito Brook Rd. The Makwa is a two way trail except for a 3/4 mile loop that starts and ends at the Birkie Cabin on OO. Hatchery Creek Trail extends from Mosquito Brook Rd. to Hatchery Creek Park two miles east of Hayward off Hwy 77 and is a one way trail with loops at both trailheads. Both trails are challenging but non-technical, meaning no major obstacles to ride over, and suitable for riders of all abilities. The easiest section, for beginning off road riders, runs south from Gravel Pit Rd. The most difficult sections are from Hatchery Creek to Mosquito Brook and south from OO. The loop at OO is rated easy to moderate.

The trails are entirely on Sawyer County Forest land. Expressing your appreciation for the use of the forest to the Sawyer County Forestry Committee would help build our rapport with a governmental body whose support is crucial to our goal of building cycling opportunities in the area. Email the county forester and the chairman of the committee and tell them where you are from and what the trail means to you. By the nature of our activity, we are invisible to them unless we make the effort to let them know we exist. The more aware of us they are, the more willing they are to work with us in the future on new trails, protecting our existing trails from logging and motorized use, etc. Here are the links: and

Ride on, Steve Morales for CAMBA