Sunday, August 9, 2009

Single-track trail from N29 to N11 on the Rock Lake Trail is open

Trail Opening

The single-track trail from N29 to N11 on the Rock Lake Trail has been completed and is open for riding (ribbons will be removed today.) The double-track going to N12 has been decommissioned. All traffic from N29 is directed down the new trail.

This trail has many long stretches of easy riding with some drama from time to time, e.g. Wall Street. All trail features on the trail are easily cleared with the chain ring on my hard-tail. This includes the Bactrian Backbreaker which I rode 5 times yesterday during construction.

We began work on this section almost a year ago. There have been many who helped in the construction. Thanks to all who have given a part of themselves to this trail, and the National Forest Service for making this trail possible.

John Leighton

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