Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Trail Open in Namakagon

A 1.3 mile section of easy riding single track from N23 to N14 was opened for riding on June 10. The location of N23 has been moved 50 yards west on Wilson Lake Road to the start of the new trail. N24, N25 and the use of snowmobile trail #3 have been decommissioned. All traffic on the Patsy Lake Trail south of N14 will be routed onto the new trail for the return. This eliminates contention with ATVs using snowmobile trail #3, and logging which is scheduled east of FR 206 this summer.

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  1. We discovered this new section right after it was finished. It is a very fun ride! It was a little soft in places, but after it gets ridden and packed down , it will be even better. Sweet! New singletrack at Patsy Lake is a wonderful surprise. Can't wait to ride the new section mentioned in the blog above this one.
    Thanks for the new singletrack!


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