Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Work Day!

It was an outstanding work day this past Saturday. Over 35 people turned out and a significant amount of work was accomplished.

Primary tasks included removing and replacing four trailhead bulletin boards at OO, Mosquito Brook and Telemark Resort Trailheads. The old bulletin boards, now 20 years old, had degenerated and reached the end of their useful lifespan. Some materials from the old bulletin boards will live on, however, as some of the solid timbers will be reused as bridge material along the trails and some of the plywood will be recycled into map boxes.

In addition, two new structures, referred to as "gateways" have been built and installed at the entrance to the Makwa and Seeley Pass Trails. The gateways are simple structures: two vertical 6 X 6 posts about 14 feet tall with two horizontal crossbars near the top. There's an 18 inch space between the crossbars where eventually we will install a sign or artistic identifier for each trail.  Partly decorative, the gateways help draw attention to the entrance to the trails, which are somewhat obscure.

The other major undertaking was a series of reroutes along the Hatchery Creek Trail. One short reroute and about 1/4 of another were built by a crew of 22 volunteers. These reroutes are improvements to the existing trail to upgrade drainage and sustainability. Volunteers included experienced trail builders and total newbies like Mike Mandli dug trail on Saturday. He commented, "I gained a whole new appreciation for what so many  have done for mountain biking in this area."

More on this past Saturday's workday can be viewed along with several photos on CAMBA's Facebook page:

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