Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birkie Trails Closed to Bikes Too

Trail Steward for some of the Hayward area trails, Steve Morales, had this experience just the other day. It underscores the need to get the word out there that no matter how nice the weather, the trails are still closed. And that includes the Birkie Trail, Birkie Classic, OO loops,etc.

Steve Morales: "I was at the Hatchery Creek trailhead yesterday and my visit just happened to coincide with the arrival of three Hayward high school students who pulled into the parking lot to go mountain biking. They were really surprised that the single-track trails would be closed since it was such a nice day. Their comment when I informed them was "But we can ride on the Birkie trail, right?"

Please help spread the word and suggest alternate places to ride: gravel town roads and pavement are about all there is at this point.


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