Friday, October 14, 2011

Makwa Trail Now Completely Open

The entire length of the Makwa Trail is open. Work has been completed on all but a couple of the skidder crossings where recent logging took place along the Makwa Trail. Leaves have been blown off the trail, some windfalls cut, and a road crossing shoveled out. The remaining skidder crossings are not difficult to ride. These will be worked on this Saturday. This section is probably the cleanest in the CAMBA system as volunteers blew a six in layer of leaves off the trail to survey the tread work needed. Overall the logging job had a very minimal impact on the tread and the forest will recover in the next couple of years. Some of it looks OK now. The forester administering the harvest says they are done logging along Makwa between Mosquito Brook and OO for many years.

Thanks to Steve Morales, John Saunders, and Darren Winchester for heading up the work to reclaim the Makwa and
all volunteers who assisted them.

Note that the Sugarbush Trail is still closed.

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