Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CAMBA’s Monthly Trail Building…Have some fun digging dirt!

Come help complete the Sugarbush connection to Makwa this weekend!

WHEN: Saturday, June 26 starting at 9am

WHERE: We will be meeting a couple of miles east of Mosquito Brook Rd on Phipps and walking (driving if you have 4-wheel drive) to intersection where Makwa and Sugarbush cross.

DIRECTIONS:Take Phipps Firelane east from Mosquito Brook Rd to a logging road between H4 and H5 on the Hayward cluster map. H4 is the intersection of Whitetail Trail and Phipps Firelane. H5 is the intersection of Loop Descente and Phipps Firelane. Suggest driving Mosquito Brook Rd to Phipps Firelane, then going east on the Firelane, unless you are coming from the east, in which case you would use Gravel Pit Rd off highway 77. Logging road will be marked with a CAMBA sign and some flagging tape. Logging road leads to the work site on the south side of Phipps Firelane. If you have 4wd, you can drive the forest road almost to the site. If not, it's a short walk from the Firelane.

QUESTIONS: Contact Darren Winchester

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