Monday, May 17, 2010

Logging Resumes Along Segment of Ojibwe - 1.5 Miles Closed Weekdays

Begun last fall, logging has resumed along the Ojibwe Trail from C29 at the west crossing of Timber Trail Road to C28 at the southern most crossing of the Birkie Trail. It is not certain how long this job will take, but for safety reasons it will be necessary to close this portion of the trail during the week. Riders may use the trail on the weekend. It will be possible to bypass this segment by utilizing Timber Trail Road and the Birkie Trail.

Because work will be continuing in this area for at least several weeks, we will not be doing anything to repair or clean up the trail until logging work concludes. You may encounter ruts and incidental debris on or close to the trail.

Please observe all closure notices and do not ride on this segment of trail during the week until it is reopened. Thanks for your cooperation.

To reiterate, this segment only of the Ojibwe Trail is closed Monday through Friday until further notice. The trail will be open on weekends, but this section of the trail may not be in top condition.

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