Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Satisfied Customers

I want to express how delighted I am at the new CAMBA singletrack trails. The whole system is incredible, but the new trails from Hayward to County OO are superb and I plan to introduce anyone I can convince to get on a mountain bike to ride with us on these trails. So far, those we have brought along with us are equally as impressed and it’s now a challenge to get them to ride on anything but single track!

We live in Champlin, Minnesota (a NW suburb of Minneapolis) and have a cabin ~1.5 miles from the County OO trailhead. It’s so exciting to have these easily accessible trails that go on for miles and give us lots of options to ride, hike, or snowshoe.

We are very active members of Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club and are introducing our friends and fellow club members to mountain biking in the Twin Cities as well as on the CAMBA trails.

Thank you so much for these trails, not only is it impressive how fun they are, but how quickly they were put in place. I’m also thankful that there are varying levels of difficulty so that we can introduce new or more cautious riders as well as show our more aggressive friends these beautiful trails!

Jodi & Scott Stammer

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